About Faculty

Faculty of Physics and Meteorology of the University of Belgrade is the high education and scientific institution that consists of the Department of Physics and the Department of Meteorology. It was founded in 1990 as an independent institution by separating from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics founded in 1947. Before this faculty was a part of the Faculty of Philosophy where the teaching of physics started in 19th century. The undergraduate studies (eight semesters; four school years) are organized in four study groups, graduate and postgraduate studies and research. Teaching and scientific research are conducted in eleven sub-departments while students experimental exercises are carried out in twenty nine laboratories.

Total number of employees: 134

Teaching staff: 57 (professors and assistants) and 25 scientific researchers

Administration, technicians and others: 46

Typical number of students at the first year 165.

Total number of postgraduate students: 100.

Number of graduated students per year: 60.

Number of Master thesis per year: 25.

Number of Ph.D. thesis per year: 20.

Faculty staff is teaching also general courses of physics at the Faculties of Mathematics (240 students per year), Chemistry (150), Physical Chemistry (120), Biology (General, Molecular, Ecology, total 100). The teaching at these faculties is always followed by laboratory and problem exercises.