Admission of Students to the First Year of Studie

In previous years the Faculty of Physics has been admitting to the first year of basic studies 140 of students who were financed by the budget and 25 of students who were paying the tuition (selffinancial students), so that:

Group of Study
General Physics (А)
Theoretical and Experimental Physics (B)
Computer and Applied Physics (C)
Meteorology (М)


Anyone who has four-year secondary school, no matter profession and specialization can apply for admission to the first year of basic studies.


The following documents are required:

  • Application Form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photocopies of certificates all four years of high school (the originals submitted for inspection)
  • Photocopy of high school diploma (the original for inspection)
  • Proof of payment for registration fee at the account number 840-1984666-87 (the purpose of remittance: entrance exam)

Entrance Examination

All applied candidates are taking physics or mathematics entrance examination, or both of them (in which case the better result is scored).

Entrance exam is written and lasts 3 hours. Candidate is required to bring proof of identification (identity card or passport). The Faculty provides a pen and notebook. The test is closed, consists of 20 tasks with possible answers of which only one is correct. Tasks to be solved in the notebook, then circled a choice on the test.

Candidates who achieved one of the first three places in the Republican contest in physics are exempt from exams. Also, candidates who did final examination work in physics in high school will get extra points.

The Faculty will publish the results of exams in physics and mathematics on the official web site. Candidates have 48 hours to complain about the result of the examination.

After that the final ranking list of candidates received in the study will be published.

Ranking list

Candidate selection is performed on the basis of general success in secondary school and results achieved on entrance examination, and on the basis of the unique rank order created according to the whole number of points of each candidate. The highest possible number of points is 100. The general succes in secondary school represents the sum of average marks in all subjects in all four years of school multiplied with 2. The marks of optional subjects and behavior do not count. On the basis of those data the candidate can achieve at least 16 and 40 points at the most. The entrance examination carries maximum 100 points. The result of entrance examination (the number of points) is multiplied with factor 0.6. This result represents the number of points achieved at qualifying examination. The maximum number of points is 60.

The candidate can be registered on budget if he is on the ranking list of the students selected for registration on budget and if he achieved more than 51 points.


Registration is done in the Student Services in the Cara Dusana Street No 13.

Documents needed for registration:

  • Index and 2 copies of Registration Form
  • Certificates of all four years of high school
  • High school diploma
  • 2 photos size 4x6 cm
  • Proof of payment for the costs of registration on the bank account no. 840-1984666-87 (example)
  • Proof of payment fees for the University of Belgrade University to the bank account no. 840-1835666-14 (example)
  • Proof of payment of tuition to the bank account of physics no. 840-1984666-87 (for self-financed students)