ERASMUS+ Programme

The Erasmus+ Programme is a European funding programme established in 1987 offering university students a possibility of studying or doing an internship abroad in another country for a period of at least 2 months and maximum 12 months per cycle of studies. 

The University of Belgrade has created an online software platform "MobiOn" in order to facilitate the application procedure for Erasmus+ KA1 candidates. The potential applicants must use this platform in order to apply for exchange and should note that those applications received or sent in any way other than through "MobiOn" will not be accepted.

The "MobiOn" platform requires you to register in order to be able to access the application form and submit the requested documents. We use the information you will provide from our service to rank you as a participant to “MobiOn” programs as defined by the privacy policy. You do not need to finish the application at one sitting; rather, you will be able to access your application frequently before you finally submit it for our review and ranking. Once your application has successfully been submitted, you will receive a confirmation and the number your application has been submitted under. Please keep this number, as you may need it for future reference.